Substance, Realty, Focus, Vision...

Substance, reality, focus, vision …

"I have had the good fortune to work with Gerry in two different organizations and found that he was well equipped to handle the many issues that are encountered when turning businesses around. He is adept at recognizing the nuances of a culture within businesses and can bring about the changes needed in a business to suit new situations. Whether they are market driven, new owner driven or a change in technology, Gerry is able to pull together an enthusiastic team effort to transform operations. He has a wealth of successful experience in the services that his organization offers." 
Colin I.W.Baxter 
Former president of :
The Foxboro Company in Massachusetts, 
Dranetz Technologies, Edison  New Jersey 
Thermo Voltek Corp. Lowell, Massachusetts


“Gerry draws from his high level management experience, particularly with industrial companies, to deliver a balanced set of expert resources.  His keen insight and ability to articulate sound ideas for improvement make him a valued, and trusted, advisor.”  

Paul E. Martineau


The Employers Association, Inc.


"One of Gerry’s greatest strengths is his market savvy.  He has an inordinate ability to understand what is really driving a market and how to react to those driving forces.  He never ceased to amaze me regarding how well-connected he was in his markets. 

Gerry has an innate business development skill and often defined new products himself.  He is an idea generator in terms of products, technologies, and new markets."

 Jerry Gallagher

President and CEO

Optek Technology





Asset Management
We can help Generate cash from inventory, receivables, and wise capital equipment acquisition. 



Executive Consulting
Benefit from the advice of a strategic adviser who can help you address issues that may be new to you.



Cost Reduction
Identify cost savings through various procedures and analysis.



Smoothly introduce new products, a bolt-on product line, or an acquisition.



Interim CEO/COO
Keep your company progressing as you find a long-term, permanent executive.



Evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in your business