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Gerald LaButti

gerryGerald (Gerry) LaButti is founder and President of Greenwich Business Solutions, Inc.    

Well-respected in his field, Gerry has demonstrated his exemplary leadership in building several successful companies. His expertise includes strategic, marketing, operational, technical, and financial management.

Gerry has a proven track record building strong high-tech manufacturing organizations, managing acquisitions, and driving growth. He translates his background into value for his clients by developing solutions that address the strategic, tactical, and microeconomic issues at hand.

An accomplished executive, Gerry is adept at helping companies make make/buy decisions, manage and invest capital—including introducing automation for profit and quality improvement—and evaluate human resources. He demonstrates how to develop new strategies and new products, and points out the resource requirements to support them.

In his more than twenty five years as a senior executive, Gerry has held the position of President/Managing Director at ten large international companies. At these companies, he built infrastructure, streamlined operations, improved performance, generated revenue, and increased profits.

Gerry understands the full spectrum of business operations and knows how to put the pieces together to create companies that succeed and meet today’s business challenges. He effectively communicates the company’s accomplishments for clients and investors.

His areas of expertise are in electrical components, aerospace electrical systems, sensors, and instrumentation. He has led companies with operations in Mexico, Europe, Eastern Europe, and China.

Gerry holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Rhode Island and an MBA from Columbia University.




Asset Management
We can help Generate cash from inventory, receivables, and wise capital equipment acquisition. 



Executive Consulting
Benefit from the advice of a strategic adviser who can help you address issues that may be new to you.



Cost Reduction
Identify cost savings through various procedures and analysis.



Smoothly introduce new products, a bolt-on product line, or an acquisition.



Interim CEO/COO
Keep your company progressing as you find a long-term, permanent executive.



Evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in your business