Our Process

Substance, Realty, Focus, Vision...

Substance, reality, focus, vision …

Define your mission. Having a clear mission that is supported with a congruent company culture is essential in today’s highly competitive markets. Call it good management, focus, or a winning attitude; there are several intangible company assets that lead to better results.

Develop a plan. The formulation and implementation of strategic and tactical action plans can markedly improve the performance of an organization that has limited resources or expertise. Greenwich Business Solutions can provide decisive advice and a temporary infusion of executive experience.

Identify your opportunities. Strategy involves a complex synthesis of all facets of the company—microeconomic, market, operational and cultural. Dynamic changes in the environment, driven by global competition or other factors, demand such a strategic reassessment. Greenwich Business Solutions can help with the strategic process. We can make an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and match them to the environment in which you operate. We can help you identify opportunities and advise you of threats.

Face the fork in the road. Many times, a company is driven by a charismatic founder, CEO, or visionary leader who is not first a business person but who has special technical or creative talent that forms the basis of the company. These people can propel a company to quick growth. They are naturally comfortable managing the short term, but recognize that they need to develop a long-term strategy for the company. Such companies inevitably come to a fork in the road at which they face a challenge; further growth for the company in one direction, or stagnation in the other. GBS can help these companies choose the right path—and design an action plan to keep them on track.

Conduct a multifaceted analysis. Management of the day-to-day—the tactical side—is vital to a company’s success. Market and other external forces can of themselves or when combined with internal issues confront a company with the need to quickly reestablish control. This requires a dispassionate multifaceted analysis, a reestablishment of focus, and a will to take action. GBS knows how to effectively restructure, cut costs, and improve efficiency through such proven methods as eliminating non-value-added activities, cutting staff, and instituting a variety of operational actions.

Regain control. Sometimes a company needs to reassert itself when it finds that one or two large customers, critical suppliers, or an independent sales channel have gained too much control over the company and its resources. A company should not ignore its stakeholders, but it should also not lose sight of the need to reestablish its direction. GBS has addressed these sensitive issues many times with clients—through a variety of strategies. Let GBS work to address them with you.

Greenwich Business Solutions Inc. will help you grow your company to its fullest potential. It will help you develop goals, both tangible and intangible, and improve the performance of all areas of the business. Whether it’s creating a vision, restructuring the operation, or turning around results,Greenwich Business Solutions can help.




Asset Management
We can help Generate cash from inventory, receivables, and wise capital equipment acquisition. 



Executive Consulting
Benefit from the advice of a strategic adviser who can help you address issues that may be new to you.



Cost Reduction
Identify cost savings through various procedures and analysis.



Smoothly introduce new products, a bolt-on product line, or an acquisition.



Interim CEO/COO
Keep your company progressing as you find a long-term, permanent executive.



Evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in your business